Monday, January 14, 2019

Respecting Your Time to Write

     Each January, some people decide that they are finally going to start that book or blog, or finish a project that's been sitting in a  drawer or on a flash drive. But where to find the time?

Time is not elastic. I love that expression, which economists use to describe time-limited resources. Perhaps you ended one job or a child left for college, so you have the often-wished-for block of time. More likely you will absorb writing into an already busy life. It's not so much about finding time as making it -- an hour or two per day to put your backside in a chair. 

Using a computer without Internet access helps you stay focused.

If you want your family and friends to take you seriously as a part-time writer and respect your time, be prepared to be strict about your availability to others. Sometimes priorities have to change. That’s okay. Just get back on your schedule – or take a printed copy of a chapter and read at a doctor's appointment.

We usually love the people we live with. However, the spouse who expects you to make them a sandwich might need help understanding that (assuming good health) they can put the peanut butter on the bread as well as you can. If they don't usually make their own Saturday lunch, leave the ingredients in an easily located spot. They'll get used to the new routine.

Schedule your breaks, don't let others dictate them. And as your family and friends respect your time to write, put your fingers on the keyboard and get cracking.
Elaine L. Orr
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