Sunday, December 30, 2018

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

If you think about it, December 31st isn't any different than January 1st. Or July 22nd. But we've decided that January 1st is a chance to pledge some promises. I'm not good at keeping them, so I rarely make resolutions. I'm proud of one.

In the late 1980s I decided to eat no chocolate for a year. Not to lose weight, but because I thought of sweets as only chocolate and I wanted to broaden my choices. Okay, I hoped to lose a couple of pounds, but that wasn't the primary goal. I learned I liked butterscotch, and ate no chocolate for twelve months. I'm back to M&Ms, but I still like butterscotch.

In 2019 I will read more. Since I started writing 30-40 hours each week, I read less. I have hundreds of books on my Kindle, but I mostly read nonfiction. That's fine, but my own writing would be better if I read more fiction.

I take out three or four audiobooks a month from the library. I'm in the car a lot, so I'm guaranteed at least a few books. Every now and then my mind wanders as I listen, but it's rare. Why don't I bring the books into the house? I could listen while I do dishes.

At a charity auction in November I bought an under-the-counter radio with a CD player. Remember those? If I can figure out how to install it, I won't have to move a CD player into the kitchen.

Of course, anyone under 25 who reads this is saying, "CDs? You use CDs?" Yes, though I have a few digital audiobooks. I'm too cheap to buy many for Kindle. I do visit the used book room at the library and buy them for a few dollars each. It's like money in the bank in case I can't get to the library.

Two weeks ago I discovered that Kindle audiobooks can be listened to on Alexa. I had just bought a spare Echo Dot to take when I travel. Maybe I will have to buy more audiobooks...

Whatever your resolutions for 2019, I wish more joyous reading in the new year.

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