River's Edge

Launching the River's Edge series was a lot of fun. Iowa nice meets murder.

Melanie Perkins thinks she has problems when she's fired from her job at the local paper. That's nothing compared to her first day at her new job as a gardener. (From Newsprint to Footprints) Melanie’s efforts to find a murderer instead put a target on her back. Some of the aim is coming from law enforcement, but they aren’t the ones who want to silence her permanently. Life along the Des Moines River in Iowa can be peaceful, but a murderer has no problem disturbing her tranquility. Amazon  BN  Kobo  GooglePlay Large Print  itunes

And just when life grows calmer, she finds a body in the barn on her parents' old property -- a farm she and her brother are fighting to keep after a neighbor insists her late parents planned to sell it to him. (Demise of a Devious Neighbor) Upcoming Fourth of July activities and a half-finished manuscript hinder her determined efforts to solve the crime -- before an innocent person is convicted of murder. BN   Kobo    itunes  Google Play  Audible   Large Print 
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Melanie is pleased to live on the family farm again, and feels as if life is finally returning to normal. Until she stumbles on the body of the local grain elevator  operator at the Farm Bureau dinner. Demise of a Devious Suspect puts Melanie on the trail of the murderer and a kidnapper. She begins to suspect that someone in the tangle of suspects may have had a hand in her parents' death. Maybe the car accident on an icy road wasn't an accident after all.
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River's Edge is a fictional town, but it will remind you of towns in Van Buren County, Iowa. I worked there off and on for a time, and was amazed at how diverse such a rural county could be. The folks in the fictional River's Edge are just as friendly -- though some are a bit more quirky.

The River's Edge series was originally published by Annie Acorn Publishing, LLC, of Maryland, and is now provided by Lifelong Dreams Publishing.


  1. Will you write more River's Edge books?

  2. I have plans for one, but am working on a couple other books. Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier. Thank you for asking! Elaine