Family History Mysteries

Our family's history is woven into our bones. Most of usdon't know how much, because we didn't listen to the stories.By the time we became interested, the storytellers were gone.

Digger listened. In fact, she acquired her nickname in the cemetery, while helping Uncle Benjamin decorate graves. She didn't know that when she inherited his old house, she'd have to discover new family stories to solve his murder.

The Least Trodden Ground
Digger's elderly uncle ends up on the cellar floor, people keep breakinginto the Ancestral Sanctuary, and somebody takes potshots
in the family plot. Western Maryland mountains have secrets.
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Unscheduled Murder Trip
Daniel Stevens vanished without a trace in 1963. When his grandson
asks Digger to see if he resurfaced anywhere, she stirs up more than sad
memories. Modern murder mixes with historical intrigue and an ornery ghost.
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An abandoned cottage stirs interest in a mother and daughter who seemingly  left Maple Grove years ago, and Digger's friend Holly wants to find out who  her great, great grandmother was. Does a long-ago stop on the Underground Railroad offer clues for both? 

Gilded Path to Nowhere
When a Maple Grove resident discovers some old gold coins in the woods near town, it's an intriguing event -- but not one that seems dangerous. However, the article Digger's friend, Marty, wrote for the Maple Grove News, seems to have attracted unwarranted attention. And that leads to murder...

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