Saturday, April 24, 2021

Writing Blogs I like

My Sisters in Crime chapter is going to pull together a list of good blogs for writers, and asked for input. I dashed this off without much thought. That doesn't mean I think these are not worth thinking about -- it means they came to mind easily. 

I use all of them.

I think K.M. Weiland's site, "Helping Writer's Become Authors," is exceptional. She focuses a lot on story structure, but also other aspects of writing. She covers fiction and nonfiction.

Jane Friedman's site mostly deals with the business of writing, but there are guest posts on creative aspects.

Joanna Penn writes the "Creative Penn" Blog. It's a mix of publishing, marketing, and writing. She also does podcasts and writes many books on publishing and writing.

C.S. Lakin does "Live, Write Thrive." She deals more with writing, and it's an exceptional site.

I find the various university writing sites to be very helpful. There are links to many here. It seems anytime I google an "odd" question, these are the kinds of blogs that come up. 

This is one I especially like

Whatever your genre or interest, someone else is providing resources for you.
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