Saturday, November 24, 2012

Humbly Offering Freebies

There is something about going to museums that makes me want to say, "How could I even think of writing another book?  I'll never be as good as the many writers/painters/sculptors whose work I viewed today."  I do get over it and keep writing, but it's good to be humbled now and again.  Keeps me honing the craft.

Captosaurus dispar - Natural History Museum
I'm in the Washington/Baltimore area for the Thanksgiving weekend, and my husband and I made our traditional sojourn to some of the Smithsonian museums.  I am a huge fan of Eugene Boudin, who was Monet's primary mentor.  There were three of his works in a small exhibit of French paintings in the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art--the most I've ever seen in one place.  They were in the modern art wing, so it is lucky my hubby wanted to go to the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit.  It was a retrospective of his sometimes irreverent look at the world, often using newsprint to create projects. 

So, I am now humbly offering two free books this weekend.  One is Words to Write By: Putting Your Thoughts on Paper, an overview of how to organize your thoughts so you are more comfortable writing about them.  It's free Saturday and Sunday.

On Sunday, Any Port in a Storm will be free.  It's the fifth in the Jolie Gentil cozy mystery series.  Lots of humor in this one.

You might also enjoy an interview with me that author Chris Redding posted on her blog last week.  Or maybe you won't enjoy it, but most people won't say that.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday!
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