Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reaching Readers with Hashtags

I did a couple of blog posts about using Twitter, and had quite a bit of feedback. Since I'm a writer, the result was a new book -- 500+ Hashtags for Writers.

The key for me has always been to use Twitter efficiently--meaning ten minutes a day or less. It took more than ten minutes to write this book but, like the techniques I use, it grew over time. The book (in ebook and paperback) discusses how to use Twitter, but only briefly. It's largely lists of hashtags specifically geared to getting your books to readers.

What's a hashtag? It’s a way to send tweets to people who have similar interests.  For example, you can send to writers or readers by putting the pound sign in front of the terms: #writers  #readers.  A hashtag counts as part of your 140-character limit, but links to websites do not contribute to that limit. 

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