Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Audio and Ebooks!

It's a big weekend for my books.  When the Carny Came to Town was just issued as an audio book. You have not listened to a super narrator until you have heard Michael Spence read When the Carny Came to Town. Michael has a great voice and he gets the book's humor. Don't miss it!

Jolie and Scoobie High School Misadventures is also live today. People kept saying they wanted "more Scoobie" or more about their high school years, so here it is!

When Jolie Gentil’s parents leave her with Aunt Madge for her junior year so they can “work things out” in their marriage, she’s angry. She knows no one at Ocean Alley High School. Some kids snub her, but she makes friends with the irreverent Scoobie. He’s quirky and fun, but he’s skipped school and smoked pot in the past, so people avoid him. Jolie learns how to shoot a squirt gun from under the boardwalk and tries not to flunk geometry. She also learns that the family she babysits for has a secret, one that puts Jolie in danger. You’ve met Jolie and Scoobie as crime-solving adults. Check out their high school friendship. Same humor, different challenges. Plus a couple of hints about why Jolie wants to get to the bottom of murders when she’s all grown up.

It was a bit of a challenge to write because I wanted it to be a good read for anyone from high school to adult ages. It's funny and poignant, with the chance to learn why Jolie and Scoobie grew into who they are today. You'll meet a couple of the characters who are in the later books, especially Aunt Madge. But the focus is on Scoobie and Jolie, and you'll get a chance to watch them grow.
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