Saturday, April 6, 2013

Books and Choices

There are so many choices when it comes to books. What to read next? Borrow or buy? Paper version or e-reader?

I appreciate that so many people have thought about questions such as these and decided to buy Trouble on the Doorstep, which came out March 19th. It has been in the top five for cozy mysteries on Amazon since a few days after it came out, and it's so much fun to hear from people who have enjoyed it. I keep pinching myself.

There are many book choices in my life at the moment, since we are preparing to move to Springfield, Illinois. What to keep and what to give away? And of course the local Friends of the Library had one of their quarterly sales recently, so they were no help.

I used to move all my books, but about ten years ago I forced myself to consider what I might reread and what might just sit on a shelf until I gave it away. Now I keep books by my friends, books I most enjoyed, and those that I may refer to as I write. It's tough.

Of course, if I end up with empty shelves when we unpack...
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