Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seminar on Getting Into Print...Electronically

The February 16th seminar I presented at Muncie's Kennedy Library brought together ten people who have written or plan to write a book or article they want to publish. Some had explored self-publishing electronically, several were new to the idea, and at least one has a book in paperback that they believe would translate well to electronic format.

We talked largely in terms of how to format a book for Kindle, since Amazon has more sales than any other site. We did touch on Barnes and Noble and Smashwords, in part because BN did a signing for my first book many years ago and in part because the Smashwords Style Guide is easy to read. I do find BN's upload screens much easier to follow than Amazon's.

I'm meeting with at least one class participant soon to go over her specific publishing project. She has that essential ingredient many writers sometimes lack -- a completed project.

I plan to do the seminar for other libraries, though I don't expect other libraries' staffs to be as attentive to a presenter's needs as those at Kennedy Library. I had never done a Power Point presentation, and they helped me learn. See, older dogs can learn new tricks, whether it's electronic publishing or not.
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