Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jolie Gentil in Large Print

I have put the Jolie Gentil cozy mystery series into large print paperbacks.  My mom lost most of her  vision in her early 50s, so I have been slowly working on this.  The prices are only one dollar more than the paperbacks, and I wish they could be the same.  There are so many more pages the sellers literally cannot permit me to sell them for less. Large print editions are only available via Amazon and Create Space -- if I opt for additional sales channels the price goes up a lot.  The two covers displayed are by Patty G. Henderson. Enjoy!

Large Print Editions

Appraisal for Murder

Rekindling Motives

When the Carny Comes to Town

Any Port in a Storm

Trouble on the Doorstep

Behind the Walls

Vague Images

Ground to a Halt

Holidays in Ocean Alley

The Unexpected Resolution
(coming soon in large print)

A page on my web site also has information on all large print books and another on the audio books and the wonderful narrators who read them.
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