Sunday, June 17, 2012

Electronic Books Outsell Paper Copies

As one who not only has an e-reader but sells books for them, I see reports of publishers getting more revenue from electronic books than paper copies and go "yippee."  At least I think I do.  Why is it that the book I read before bed is paper?  Because it's a wonderfully comfortable feeling.  Why do I carry a paperback in my purse?  Because it weighs a boatload less than my Kindle.  And why to I visit my library almost weekly?  Because a) I'm cheap, and b) I've moved enough times that there reaches a point when physical books are not my friend.  Or at least not a friend to my back.

But there is still the yippee factor. When I do want to buy a book I now look for an electronic copy first.  There is the "fewer boxes to pack if I have fewer books" factor and the "I'm cheap" factor.  There is also a sense of giddy anticipation to see all those books lined up on my Kindle.  So, yippee for electronic books, and keep that paper coming.  At least for now.

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