Monday, April 23, 2012

Natural Humor in Writing

I'm not sure if it's "normal" to laugh when you write, but I've been having fun working on the fourth book of the Jolie Gentil series.  Jolie remains the focus of the story, and she often has a quirky take on things.  In this book (still called "Any Port in a Storm") a lot of characters are planning for Talk Like a Pirate Day festivities and they are having a blast doing it.  Scoobie is writing limericks in honor of the occasion, and George (Jolie's least favorite newspaper reporter) has employed his talents to design a poster for the event.  You can guess who it features.

Books can be serious, and Jolie and her friends do tackle some real-life problems.  But their humor comes through even then.  My fiction is not autobiographical in any sense, but the characters in this series tend to be amused by the things my friend and I are.  At least I am -- not all of my friends will admit to some of the odd twists my humor takes.

I just came across a neat article on laughter and humor.  You can see from the link title that this is not an article about jokes.  It is a thoughtful piece on the role humor plays in our life, and how it makes our lives better.

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