This page will grow over time. If I wait to post until I have dozens of topics or references, nothing will get done. In case you can't tell, I'm in OCD recovery. Smile. I don't plan to put many 'how to write' items. I think of writing as a very personal process. Using a listing on this page cannot be taken as a promise of increased book sales.

Don't forget to look at the index to posts on this blog. You'll find many helpful articles.

Author Organizations
Authors' Guild
Mystery Writers of America
Romance Writers of America
Sisters in Crime (I belong to the Speed City Indiana Chapter)

Publishing Industry
How Ebooks have Changed the Book Marketplace, Jane Friedman.
Jane Friedman's website has segments on conferences, marketing, and resources for writers. She does some very good online classes.

Author EMS has links to free info, and information on what they can do for authors. Go to the pricing page to get a sense of what a professional formatter will do for you.

I keep one course free, Thinking Through Self-Publishing, on Teachable. An overview of what you need to know (and learn more about) if you want to do it yourself.

Working with Publishers
The Author's Guild has an excellent piece on what comprises a good book contract -- from an author's point of view.

I have a free paper on considerations and questions to ask a potential publisher. Download on my web page age 

Marketing Books
An author's take on giving free books with KDP Select
Book Buzz. A site I use (paid advertising) for new books. They keep in touch.
Choosy Bookworm. When I publicize freebies here, I get downloads on almost every Amazon site.
Savvy Book Marketer has articles (some free), podcasts, and more. I have been reading their material for years.
Savvy Book Writers is a blog with articles on almost any publishing/marketing topic you can imagine. The link here is to a piece on free ways to market your books. Peruse the site. There are many great posts.
Joanna Penn has a huge website for authors and publishers, The Creative Penn. Lots of free material, and some for purchase.

Write Like a Pro. Chris Eboch is a writer and critiquer, and posts regularly on writing well.
Kings River Life is a unique magazine that features many books and articles about the arts. Originally geared only to California, it has broadened its horizons. It would be neat if every region had a site such as this one.

Other Authors Resource Lists (Better than Mine!
Wordtryst by Liane Spicer (many categories)

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