Lots of people have ideas for books, blogs, or bylines. The web is democratic - if you publicize an interesting, well-written blog, people will read it.

Books are another matter. There are fewer traditional publishers than even a few years ago, and you need an agent to approach the larger ones. I've prepared several online courses to help you decide how you want to publish and, if you self-publish, how to succeed.

You don't need to take my courses -- there's lots of info out there, some of it on my Irish Roots Author Blog. You can buy books on writing and publishing, in print and digital formats, and read for days. You can watch webinars.

Books and webinars take a lot of time. My short courses give you the benefit of my research and success, whether you plan to work with a publisher or publish yourself. These are not "publish and get rich" seminars. They give honest advice to help you build an income -- if that's your goal. You can also publish just for fun.

I have two classes on LearnDesk, including Decide to Write and Learn How to Publish. It's a combination of video and text lessons and can help you move from aspiring to published author. Each of the course's seven segments has a list of additional resources so you can propel yourself in the direction you desire. You might also enjoy learning how to get your short stories to market.

For classes on Teachable, some courses are pretty basic, designed to help you make decisions about writing and publishing and guide you to resources. A couple are soup-to-nuts classes that take you from vague idea through editing a product and on to making sales. You can get one lesson free -- about questions to ask if you want to work with a publisher (Visit my web site and click on Free Sample.) This is information you need late in the (self) publishing process, but you get an idea of how much time my work can save you.

Every effort needs a name. My school is Writing Lifelong Dreams. When I began self-publishing in 1995, I registered with Bowker, the folks who maintain Books in Print, as Lifelong Dreams.

It's never to late to start something new.

Go to  to see what's available now:

Thinking Through Self Publishing -- six lectures, including one with details on making money through publishing. Ideas on how to move forward and resources to help you do it. (Free! A terrific decision-making tool.)

Writing and Publishing When Time is Scarce - There is rarely such a thing as spare time to write. But you still may have that nagging feeling that if you don't get those ideas on paper they will never come again. You're right about that. This course has some ideas for 'making' time, and then provides the resources you need to get your book (or blog) to readers. More than a dozen sections with almost fifty lectures. Many links to other online resources.

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Sharing Family History
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