Sunday, September 9, 2012

Typos -- You'd Think I'd Learn

As it gets closer to the September 17th issue date for Any Port in a Storm (fourth in the Jolie Gentil series), I am once again grateful to those who critique a draft and those who review it to spot needed corrections.  In an effort to weed out these annoying errors (which tell a reader you are less than fully professional) I wrote an article on avoiding typos.  It's a slight variation of a blog post.  I always enjoy getting the Create Space proof, as something about the different layout helps me see errors.  I find I have a new one -- there were several sentences that use the word and three or four times.  If ever there are sentences that scream, "Edit me," those are they.  So, back to final page proofs.  Oh -- when I posted the initial blog post it had a typo.  I may be incurable.

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